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Edge of the World​/​Already Lost You Once

by Mr. Kind

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released April 1, 2014

Produced by Jonathan Devoto, Brad Dollar, and Mr. Kind
Engineered by Brad Dollar
Additional Engineering by Michael Chiang, Brian Bergeron,Jonathan Devoto, and Andrew Erickson
Mixed by Jonathan Devoto
Mastered by Jonathan Kirchner

Mr. Kind is 

Brian Bergeron (Vocals + Guitar)
Jonathan Devoto (Guitar + Vocals + Percussion)
Geoff McCann (Piano + Synthesizer + Melodica + Vocals)
Matt Roads (Bass + Percussion + Vocals)
Peter Smith (Drums + Vocals)



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Mr. Kind Oakland, California

Since its inaugural release, OK, Mr. Kind has departed from rough-around-the-edges garage folk rock to the dense electronic leanings of their second EP, Mr. Kind. The band was originally formed to perform the recorded solo material of lead singer-songwriter Brian Bergeron, but Wide Awake | Open Eyes represents each band members’ continually expanding involvement in the songwriting process. ... more

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Track Name: Edge of the World
We are sitting at the edge of the world It seems like there is no place to go but down If it sounds like I am fixing to lose you It's because I've never been this high before Chorus
Maybe I should kiss you before you fall off the edge I'd watch you grow smaller as you fall through the air
I know you’ll land sound and I know you’ll land safe It hasn't come to pass just yet Verse
Now we're standing with our feet in the wake Digging our heels in to carve our names in the sand The pull of the moon cause the prints to lose their shape The sky conspiring against their permanence
Maybe I should kiss you before the dam breaks The great wave will come and it will wash you away I’m left to wondering about what might have been
It hasn't come to pass just yet Bridge

Now we’re huddled in your room in the dark
In this place, all of my doubts don’t loom so large.
In this position, I am finally at ease The unfamiliar feeling of security
I know you wouldn’t leave if a fire raged We'd only sink deeper, move closer, as the walls caved Far from my mind is the thought of what might have been And things that haven't passed just yet
Track Name: Already Lost You Once
Verse 1
The bottle of wine that I drank set my feet in motion to your place
The result of many months boiling over all at once
I once told you I was clear but what I've come to realize is this
When perceptions shift, things once thought as frustrating can be missed

I am starting to think that we belong
The garden we tended has become overgrown
I'm not so sure you can be won
I've all ready lost you once

Verse 2
I will shoot from the hip and not obscure my sentiments
I have a tendency of endlessly twisting up my words
When I make myself clear, I'll temper all my words with this
Circumstances, the particulars may change but deep within my heart I feel the same

Do you believe we can belong?
Make some sense out of what we've done
I don't think I could relax
Bracing now for the crash

Instrumental Verse

There's nothing to gain in assigning wrong
I don't blame you for when you walked out before
By slamming the door with me outside
It means that you would have left me twice

I’m starting to think we belong
Which is why I'm standing here drunk and out in the cold
Not going to leave until we're done
I've all ready lost you once (x3)