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by Mr. Kind

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released July 23, 2012

Words and Music by Brian Bergeron
Produced by Jonathan Devoto and Brian Bergeron
Engineered by Michael Chiang
Additional Engineering by Jonathan Devoto
Mixed by Brad Dollar
Assistant Engineering by Bret Cohune, Jordan Suhr, and Justin Fritter

Mr. Kind is:
Brian Bergeron - Vocals and Guitar
Jonathan Devoto - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, and Percussion
Kyle Kelly-Yahner - Drums and Percussion
Matt Roads - Bass



all rights reserved


Mr. Kind Oakland, California

Since its inaugural release, OK, Mr. Kind has departed from rough-around-the-edges garage folk rock to the dense electronic leanings of their second EP, Mr. Kind. The band was originally formed to perform the recorded solo material of lead singer-songwriter Brian Bergeron, but Wide Awake | Open Eyes represents each band members’ continually expanding involvement in the songwriting process. ... more

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Track Name: You're OK
You act so serious
And it comes across as aloof
You've thrown the others out
To keep them all from your truth

I’ve figured out your secret
You thought no one else would know
To move you forward
First I'll take away your control

You're going to be OK when I'm done

I see you're critical
And expect to be let down
I've got your best interests in mind
I’m bringing them around

It must wear you out
Keeping your suitors in their wings
But could your time be better spent
By letting the best ones in

You're going to be OK when I'm done

Because it’s a hard line that you take
Sooner or later you will break
When you realize that
They don't give it back
They don't give you back the time that you've lost

Please don’t panic, dear, when you fear you’ve been found out
I won’t get in your way, just some support until you’re sound

You're going to be OK when I'm done
Track Name: The Artist
He had hoped that by escaping to be alone with his thoughts
He could see to completion, his great work of art
It had been sprung in pieces inside of his head
Haunted his nights caused sleep to evade

In the coldest of winters, despair settled in
The walls couldn't warm him and the fires grew dim
But once he embraced it, he was free to dissolve
And as particles of air, he found his resolve

When alone he discovered that by letting go
Not trying to catch nor to siphon the flow
He had more raw substance then he could stand to bare
alt lyric- (He found more substance than he could ever bare)
The task then became what to keep and what to pare

Finding sustenance in creation, not water or wine
His cup overflowing with his pouring of mind
At this pace it continued for indefinite weeks
One day he came to being finding his work complete

She came around not long after to pay her respects
He decided to start over just as soon as she had left
He had hoped that by presenting it'd make her want to stay
To prove himself worthy, all was lost with her away

In the waste that lay before him he found what he had lost
The motive for invention he once had but then forgot
Sudden sprung pieces born inside of his head
Into this intuition he dissolved again
Track Name: Homeostasis
If I could give you all that you wanted
You still would not be satisfied
There’s a hunger that can’t be satiated
If you could see it you might stop yourself
You have too much good to let it rule your life

When I recover my homeostasis
My body finds balance once again
I’ll issue a reminder, that I’m my proper master
Not give you the free reign to take what you’d like
I can’t afford to love so reckless again

I keep my distance and lower my exposure
Feel in moderation, not scattershot and wild
But the impulses that draw me closer
I fall apart at your feet, don’t know what gets me
I can not reconcile and can’t explain

By now, I am sure you have guessed that
You have got me hung up, at once you leave me bare
But you know I would let you do it all over
But this time around I hope that you would show more restraint with how you feel
Because what you want and what you think you need aren’t always the same thing
Track Name: Take Care
Can you pull together the strength that it takes
To help you put yourself back together
A new way to make all of the pieces fit
With a shelter to bear the stormy weather

You don't look so tough when you're on your own
With no distractions that you can hide behind
The brightest light is sure to burn out
By staring too long you find yourself blinded

You will become whatever resists the least
Instead of taking control of yourself
Calling out your insecurities
To shed them of their teeth

Checking out when you should be checking yourself
You can't keep track if you've never taken inventory
There's no way to know just how far you could go
If you don't put stock in the worth of your story

When there's no one left to fool, you'll decide to move on
To this time I think that you said Mexico
But sooner or later it will run its course
And you'll discover that there's no place left to go
Track Name: The Restless Release
When I wake up in this place
I’ll feel at home for the first time
I’ve been running around

When I kissed you last
You lept out of my hands
I can’t hold you now

Ooh, Hold you now

If I slow things down and try not to think too much
Maybe then, you’ll come back

How I hope you’ll come back

Ooh, you'll come back